About Us

That’s what 224Clothing is all about.

Clothing that represents who we are today…who we may want to be tomorrow…but always who we strive to remain forever—our true, authentic selves, at every stage, every phase, with every mood and with every new attitude!

224Clothing’s pieces are timeless. Versatile. And comfortable. We bring you quality clothing to be worn 24/7. For any day of the week. Every day of the week.

So no matter if you want to get fancy or frisky, be ultra casual, cozy or anything in between—you’ll still look and feel your absolute best no matter which collection you choose!

And the best part? With every purchase, you’re also investing into the life of a teenager in foster care! At 224Clothing, we are committed to donating a portion of our proceeds to foster care programs and outreaches that provide love, hope, AND CLOTHING to foster teens in need! So thank you in advance for supporting this mission with us! Together, we are truly making a difference in the lives of those often forgotten by the system.